"Zulu Love Letter" after 20 Years

March 5, -
Speaker(s): Ramadan Suleman
You are invited to the screening of the film Zulu Love Letter after 20 years. The film's screenwriter and director, Ramadan Suleman, will be in attendance and part of a Q&A led by NYU Professor Josslyn Luckett following the film screening.

Event Description: The film Zulu Love Letter was released in 2004, a decade after the end of apartheid in South Africa. The Black Archival Imagination seminar series brings the film's director, Ramadan Suleman, to Duke University for a screening and discussion of the movie on its twentieth anniversary.

Zulu Love Letter tells the tale of two mothers looking for their daughters against the backdrop of South Africa's first successful democratic elections and the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Ramadan Suleman Bio: Ramadan Suleman, director, writer, and producer, born in 1955 in Kings Rest Bluff, near Durban, South Africa, studied at the School for Research in African Theatre and was one of the founding members of the Dhlomo Theatre, a first black theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa. Zulu Love Letter was his second feature film and has won several awards internationally. In 2009, Suleman launched - Zulu Love Letter - the Screenplay, published by Wits Press, which he co-authored.

Dr. Josslyn Luckett Bio: Assistant Professor in the Department of Cinema Studies; she is also affiliated faculty of NYU's Asian Film and Media Initiative. She was recently appointed to the National Film Preservation Board of the Library of Congress.



Africa Initiative; African and African American Studies (AAAS); Concilium on Southern Africa

"Zulu Love Letter" after 20 Years


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