Jewish Literature, World Literature


Kata Gellen, Saskia Ziolkowski


Type: Lab

The conference Jewish Literature, World Literature explored the intersections, tensions, and productive relationships between these two categories, by bringing together a range of scholars. The symposium included discussions of translation, transnational literature, women’s internationalism, diaspora, questions of the law, Sephardic poetry and modern novels, among other topics.


Panel 1
  • Allison Schachter (Vanderbilt): "Women’s Internationalism and Jewish World Literature"
  • Shai Ginsburg (Duke): "World Literature, Jewish Literature, and the Question of the Law"

Moderator: Cate Reilly (Duke)

Panel 2
  • Lital Levy (Princeton): "World Literature, Translation, and Diaspora: The Global Journey of Aguilar’s The Vale of Cedars"
  • Adi Nester (UNC Chapel Hill): :A Nation from Translation: Rudolf Borchardt Between German, Jewish, and World Literature"

Moderator: Sarah Pourciau (Duke)

Panel 3
  • Monique Balbuena (University of Oregon): "Transnational Sephardic Poetry"
  • Saskia Ziolkowski (Duke): "Modern Jewish Italian Writing as World Literature"

Moderator: Corina Stan (Duke)