Antonio Viego

Antonio Viego

Associate Professor of Literature – Duke University

BrainCultures Lab, co-director

Antonio Viego is Associate Professor of Literature who's interests include Latino Studies, Ethnic Studies, Queer/Lesbian/Gay Studies, Twentieth Century American Literatures, Critical Race Theory, Chicana Feminist Theory, Comparative Ethnicities, and Lacanian Psychoanalytic Theory.

On the BrainCultures Lab

Over the course of the last 3 decades we have the witnessed the spectacularly speedy rise of the “neurosciences,” an historical event characterized by some critics as a “neuro- revolution” that has, in turn, given rise to a “neuro-society,” “neuro-cultures” and “neuro-subjects.” The BrainCultures lab will facilitate my exploration of questions into what kinds of changes in meaning might “neuro” effect in the disciplines previously thought to be “neuro”-free. If there is a neuro-turn in the humanities and social sciences, what is it that’s “turning”? The “brain” plays a special role in all of this. The “brain” now possesses star power, celebrity status. Its endless imaging makes it the 21st century “centerfold.” As an object of study and point of discussion, the brain has created opportunities for different fields of study to potentially engage each other’s research to ask broad questions about “personhood/subjectivity,” knowledge, “mind/body,” “self/ego,” “emotion/affect.”  The BrainCultures lab will allow me to explore these broad questions.  As someone trained in psychoanalytic theory, I am especially interested in the relationship between neuro-psychoanalysis and Lacanian psychoanalysis.

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