The Microworlds Lab

Located in 101 Classroom Building on the East Campus of Duke University, the MicroWorlds Lab is a physical, social and intellectual space to research and write historical stories through microanalytical methods and practices by: providing a community environment for undergraduate learning and exploration, as well as scholarly experimentation, in microhistory; training and supporting graduate students in their research and writing, and in mentoring and teaching undergraduates; engaging faculty and students together in classes, workshops, and ongoing collaborative projects; and fostering public knowledge about humanistic inquiry through partnerships, workshops, guest speakers, and conferences.

Years Funded
Fall 2018 - Spring 2020
  • Tom Robisheaux, Professor of History
  • Nicole Barnes, Assistant Professor of History
  • Katharine Brophy Dubois, Lecturing Fellow of History; Co-Director of Humanities Unbounded, 2018-19

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Kelis Johnson, Kristina Williams, Tom Robisheaux
Adam Mestyan, Tom Robisheaux
Angela Chung, Kristina Williams, Tom Robisheaux
Amber Lemmons, Martha L. Espinosa, Tom Robisheaux
Lindsay Dial, Jessica Hauger, Tom Robisheaux
Angela Chung, Kristina Williams, Tom Robisheaux
Lindsay Dial, Kristina Williams, Tom Robisheaux
Maddie Fowler, Kristina Williams, Tom Robisheaux
Catherine Martinez, Kristina Williams, Tom Robisheaux