Revaluing Care

Building on previous work by the conveners in their departments and in a Bass Connections team, the Revaluing Care Lab is developing a constellation of working groups examining topics such as childcare, carceral care, food production and distribution, and care around aging and death. The working groups attend to the problem of the visibility of care; explore the connections among social, cultural, and ecological forms of care; examine the ways that metrics, governance, and social practice foster normative values around care; consider the trade-offs among time, effort, and resources in care provision; and investigate the ways that care operates at different scales from the intimate to the geopolitical and ways that scale informs how we describe who falls within different communities of care.

Years Funded
Fall 2020 - Spring 2022
Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies
  • Jocelyn Olcott, Professor of History
  • Wesley Hogan, Research Professor, John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute (2021/22)
  • Jessica Namakkal, Assistant Professor of the Practice in International Comparative Studies (2020/21)

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