The Ethnography Workshop

Often described as both a science and a craft, ethnography is a method, a theoretical framework, and the product of research. It can be immersive in a single place, or it can arc across different sites, meaning that different research problems require different forms of ethnographic theory, research, and representation. The final product of research may be written, but its medium may also be visual, sonic, conceptual, material, or even a matter of policy. Yet, while ethnography’s form and content are dynamic, the questions of precisely who is an ethnographer and what counts as ethnographic practice is rapidly changing. Rather than deciding that ethnography is a finished method, we begin from the proposition that its boundaries are constantly expanding; for while ethnography is documentary, it is also experimental. 

Years Funded
Fall 2019 - Spring 2021
Cultural Anthropology
  • Ralph A. Litzinger, Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology
  • Anne Allison, Professor of Cultural Anthropology
  • Yun Emily Wang, Assistant Professor of Music
  • Jieun Cho, Department of Cultural Anthropology

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Louise Meintjes, Anne-Maria Makhulu, Harris Solomon
Harris Solomon, Anne-Maria Makhulu, Louise Meintjes
Harris Solomon, Louise Meintjes, Anne-Maria Makhulu