The Entanglement Project

The Entanglement Project addresses the historical, cultural and political shifts in the understanding of race, health, and climate, particularly in formulations of “grand challenges” and their policy solutions, while also looking to other forms of futurity, other innovations in “learning to live” that emerge in literature, philosophy, and the arts.

The Project is comprised of three strands, each convened by a Duke faculty members. The Climate Change, Decolonization and Global Blackness Lab examines climate change critically, experimentally and interrogatively, through the lens of coloniality, decolonization from the vantage points of the Global South and Global Blackness. Ecologies of Knowledges creates spaces of conversation around two main ideas--emancipation and dignity--to ask how African philosophy might contribute to the re-institution of life and concretization of dignity. Strange Life gathers under the premise that life is strange, a seemingly banal observation, that also functions as an epistemological opening to reconcile with all that might fall under the umbrella of "strange." 

Years Funded
Fall 2023 - Spring 2025
John Hope Franklin
Humanities Institute

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