The Trinity Language Council and the student-led American Sign Language (ASL) Club hosted “Signing 101” on the Quad to share the richness of sign language and Deaf culture. Over three days, they taught members of the Duke community and helped raise awareness for ASL and its place among world languages.The sessions were student led, but had the support of faculty on the Trinity Language Council. read more about ‘Signing 101’ Showcases the Richness of ASL »

This story is part of the Briefings SeriesPresident Joe Biden’s surprise visit to embattled Ukraine earlier this week was both a clear show of support to the Ukrainian people and an emphatic, defiant message to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, a Duke scholar said Tuesday.Biden’s visit with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, just days before the read more about Biden’s Ukraine Visit Had Symbolic, Practical Value, Duke Expert Says »

Celebrate the renewal of spring with a book from a Duke author. This season of new and upcoming books that cover a variety of times, places and subjects from the arts to computer science. The writings include studies of body shaming in the theater, civil defense in Japan, intellectual conformity in higher education and a cautionary look at the future of brain hacking.Many of the books, including new editions of previous titles, can be found on the “Duke Authors” display shelves near the read more about Spring Books from Duke Authors from Wittgenstein to Capoeira »