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Annabel Wharton

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Type: Lab

Team Jerusalem adapted Professor Annabel Wharton’s original syllabus for the graduate seminar "Jerusalem" (ARTHIST713/RELS881, Fall 2015), which examined how violence arises from Jerusalem’s ancient and modern topography, its urban plan, and contested cultural quarters and sites, and transformed it into a prototype that accommodates a range of undergraduate courses. This ‘sample syllabus’ features new primary sources, including archaeological and material evidence, films, novels, and video games; a greater diversity of voices that serve as modern theoretical ‘interventions’ and populate suggested secondary sources; and engaging activities, such as peer discussion groups and creating ‘educational’ TikToks.

As an additional pedagogical resource for instructors affiliated with the Visualizing Cities Lab, Team Jerusalem created a ‘syllabus scaffold’ that posits a framework for developing innovative syllabi. In future iterations of a Jerusalem course, based on the ‘sample syllabus,’ students will benefit from a variety of nuanced perspectives and build a set of skills that are relevant to our increasingly digital age.

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