Katharine Brophy Dubois

Katharine Brophy Dubois

Lecturing Fellow of History – Duke University

Microworlds Lab, co-convener

A USA Today bestselling novelist of nineteen historical romances as Katharine Ashe, Katharine Brophy Dubois teaches part-time at the university. As co-convener of the MicroWorlds Lab, Dubois is leading a research group on women's stories. Her embedded course in the MicroWorlds Lab is on Publishing and Marketing Popular Fiction.

As a full-time academic until 2007, her research interests included religious belief and practice in medieval Latin Christendom, especially penance, pilgrimage, penitential devotion, saints' cults, and relics. Her dissertation, "Strangers and Sojourners: Pilgrimage and Pilgrims in Late-Medieval Rome," traced the early history of the Roman Jubilee, a year-long celebration of penitential pilgrimage to the city's ancient shrines. She is particularly interested in medieval notions of charity, charitable institutions, and the understanding of spiritual community that bound the living and the dead.

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