Virtues and Vices Workshop

Hercules at the cross-roads, he is seated at the right, to the left are female personifications of Virtue and Vice, engraving by Adamo (Ghisi) Scultori after Giulio Romano

Sergio Gallegos Ordorica


In recent decades, there has been a lot of notable work undertaken by contemporary philosophers (e.g., Heather Battaly, Jason Baehr and Nicholas Bommarito) to examine how different kinds of virtues and vices develop and flourish in non-ideal contexts as a result of a variety of different factors. While some of this work has engaged with non-Western traditions, this engagement has been so far somewhat limited. To address this, we have organized a workshop to take place at Duke University on May 19th-20th on the topic of virtues and vices in non-ideal contexts across philosophical traditions. The goal of this workshop is to bring into conversation scholars engaged in comparative work across different philosophical traditions (e.g., Chinese, Mexican, Indian, etc.) to discuss how virtues and vices have been viewed by philosophers in different traditions.


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