Humanities Unbounded/Durham Tech Pedagogy Program

During the 2021-22 academic year five Durham Tech faculty members are collaborating with Duke's Health Humanities Lab faculty. The project includes both individual pairings of faculty members on specific topics and a colloquium that will meet six times during the year to discuss common issues in pedagogy. Durham Tech is investing in enhancing humanities education for students in its pre-health programs. The academic year work was supported by Summer 21 work by two Duke PhD students who research additional materials that might be included in teaching courses from more diverse perspectives.

CALA/Duke Health Humanities Project Website

Health Humanities Pedagogy Team

Durham Tech Fellows

  • Lisa Blair
    Instructor of Spanish and French; Arts, Sciences, and University Transfer – Durham Technical Community College
  • Aaron Brooks headshot
    Instructor, Philosophy - Durham Technical Community College
  • Marina DelVecchio
    Instructor of English and Women's Studies; Honors Program Director; Arts and Sciences University Transfer Department – Durham Technical Community College
  • Jason Moldoff
    Lead Instructor, Communications – Durham Technical Community College
  • Martha Sullivan headshot
    Chair of Social Sciences, Psychology Instructor - Durham Technical Community College
  • Janel Thompson headshot
    Instructor / Chair, English and Communications – Durham Technical Community College